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A: EmbracingSound is a Single Speaker Array Technology that enables multidimensional sound where it matters the most, with height, width, and depth reproduced in front of the listener and an envelopment of sound that resembles the true movie theatre. The technology comprises: a single speaker array of two or more speakers, and an ingenious algorithm that through the speaker array restores the inter channel relationships in a way that is tailor suited to the human (mammal) localization of sound. Opposed to common virtualization technologies EmbracingSound reproduces a high resolution soundstage and provides at the same time the highest sound quality possible. The technology is provided under license and a royalty per unit to manufacturers that desire high quality multidimensional sound, either to accompany picture in soundbar applications or for its multi-dimensionality and high resolution in Professional and Home Consumer Audio products. A manufacturer that holds a license from EmbracingSound AB can manufacture and sell products with EmbracingSound technology onboard. Every manufactured model is certified by us to ensure that the spatial information of any recording will be conveyed to the listener as truthfully as possible only limited by the capabilities of the speaker drivers used. EmbracingSound® is a registered trademark in US and other countries and is owned by EmbracingSound AB.

A: EmbracingSound does not make any spatial separation on its own so the spread depends solely on the recording. Mono in gets mono out, surround in gets surround out. To explain this let's imagine that you are listening to an early stereo recording of Beatles, for instance "Lady Madonna" with drums to the left and horn section to the right. Then the image spans approximately ± 30° seen from the center of the speaker array. If you listen to another Beatles song, like "Love Me Do" being a mono recording, the sound will seem to emanate only from the EmbracingSound speaker right in front of you but still reproducing depth of sound field. If the source instead is a movie and the Lt/Rt mode is used to downmix a 5.1 multichannel source you will get a well-defined front stage with width, depth and even height in the case the recording contains such information, and a surround sound experience with an envelopment that matches the sound experience only found in movie theatres. In the case EmbracingSound Theatre-HD is used that accepts a 5.1 or 7.1 discrete input signal the surround information also provide separation of the surround channels.

A: No! The vast majority of speaker drivers can be used with the EmbracingSound technology. There are still recommendations of the speaker driver selection. Here are some brief guidelines:
- All common knowledge of speaker design is applicable to speakers that are used with the technology.
- Any piston type loudspeaker drivers can be use with the technology.
- Distributed mode loudspeakers or similar speaker driver technologies are not possible to use.
- The speaker drivers must have separated resonating volumes. i.e. separate cavities for left and right side respectively.
- The speaker drivers must be positioned in flush and as close together as possible on the baffle to form an array of two or any higher even number of speakers.

A: The EmbracingSound algorithm is available as code for a big variety of audio DSPs from our silicon partners such as: Analog Devices, TI, Trident Microsystems, D2 Audio, Cirrus Logic, CSR among others. Any small audio-DSP can be used and if other silicon products are desired to run our code this can be arranged. Additional costs may apply for certification of the source code implementation.

A: The license model is based on a one time signing fee and a royalty fee per unit, please contact sales(at)embracingsound.com for specific inquiries.

A: We do not supply/sell units for other purposes than the evaluation of our technology by manufacturers that have shown interest in becoming a licensee.
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